My bags are packed, I am ready to go! Check out my bucket list below to see if your location can get you a discount! Inquire for custom travel quote.

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No. 3

The absolute bread and butter of Lucky Penny Films. Each wedding package includes audio, aerial footage, two shooters and starts at 6 hours of coverage. Also the packages are named after our pups so if you inquire you'll see cute pics!!! :)

Weddings & Elopements

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Destination Weddings & Elopements

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No. 1

Something for everyone. A film of you and your lover getting engaged or eating pizza on a rooftop. The possibilities are endless.

Lifestyle & Engagements

Our Packages

no. 1

an inside look

take your pick and let's make magic

Starting at $350

Starting at $4500


no. 2

Okay phew, we got the hard stuff out of the way!

Please hear me when I say, I don't take these numbers lightly. My promise to you is to put my whole heart into your film. From the time you book, to the time I deliver your final film (probably with tears in my eyes), I am there for you. When your inquiry hits my inbox I seriously jump for joy. I get giddy thinking about meeting y'all in person and hugging like old friends. So yes, technically I am your videographer.... but when wedding day comes around I really just want to be friends. I want to hype you up when you put on your dress, run around with y'all during portraits, and grab you one more drink before joining you on the dance floor!

We spend A LOT of time together, which is why picking a videographer is no small task. I am probably not the first website you have checked out (hopefully the last??) and that's totally okay! I know I am not for everyone! So go ahead and stalk my insta and every inch of my little corner of the web. I hope what you find here feels joyful and authentic! I hope when you inquire you know what I am all about and where my heart is at!

ideal client

no. 3

- you are alllll about authentic moments

- you want to jump up and down cause you're so dang excited to get married (ya know, the giddy in love type)

- you are laid back + know the most important thing about your wedding day is marriage

- you aren't afraid to get a little vulnerable with me because weddings are intimate

We might be a good fit if...

- you can envision yourself in these films

- you aren't afraid to throw traditional ideas out the window and do something that truly represents your love story

Travel fuels me


bucket list

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Add a stamp to my passport + i'll give you a discount!



no. 3

Let's Make Magic!

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weddings + elopements



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